Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dark Sanctuary - Exaudi Vocem Meam (Part I)

1. Ouverture
2. elle est l´aube
3. dein kalter stein
4. memento mei
5. the garden of jane delawey
6. cristal
7. mon errance
8. a mes ennemis
9. sortie du cloitre
10. des illusions
11. Je men Irai


SølvgråbeiN - FOWK - Darkness


In Tenebriz - Age Of Superstition


HighWay17 - Hell In Your Head


Dense Vision Shrine - Lost Time In Oblivion


Monday, May 30, 2011

Aastyra-Aastral Projection

1. Schism
2. Interstellar Death Race
3. Terra
4. Of Spirit and Captivity
5. Wanderer of the Post-Apocalypse
6. Xenopia
7. Adversary
8. The Mechanical Womb
9. Shadowmirror


Diapsiquir - Crasse

1. Pénétration 02:32
2. Seuil 666 07:20
3. Macabre Optimisme 11:50
4. Trait Poussiereux 09:08
5. J'éjacule ta Crasse 08:53
6. Décadence 02:52
Total playing time 42:35


Diapsiquir - Virus S.T.N

1. Incubation 03:26
2. Venin Intemporel, Rouille Universelle, Satan 08:52
3. Génération Maudite, Pénétration Interdite 04:57
4. Untitled 00:27
5. Diapsiquir 11:54
6. Le Mal Avec Un Grand S 10:59
7. Untitled 00:43
8. Organisation Contamination 07:05
9. TEST1M5N2O 04:04


NME-Louder Than Hell Music Video 1985

Paragon Impure-In Commemoration of Ish Kerioth


Paragon Impure- Key To The Void/Where The Laughter of Angels Is Inaudible


666-Ave Satan!

1. Die All
2. Revenge of The Dead Souls
3. The Day Before Final Death
4. When I Spit On Cross
5. A Night In The Forest
6. My Eternal Wrath
7. The Horns of Inferno
8. My Journey


Inverted Satan - Raping Christ On The Cross


Abazagorath - Channelling the Ethereal Moons

1. Intro / Rites of the Black Herald 05:07
2. Nightrealm 05:15
3. Ghosts of the Moonlight Mist 03:26


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Llihje-Encompassing Nothing

Instrumentation recorded Winter 2010 at Floor Spot. Vocals recorded Winter 2010, in NYC by L. Butler

Precursor to the ALGEA project.
released 28 March 2010
L. Butler: Vocals
E. Craig: Lyrics, Guitar, Drum Programming
Stephen Wilson: Artwork



Friday, May 27, 2011

Jute Gyte-Ghost Sickness

Lush and desolate ambient synth explorations combining vintage Warp Records-esque meditations, Mellotron-heavy Burzumic gloom, violent electronic outbursts, and an overwhelming sense of doom and sorrow that grows as the album progresses.


Cauldhame-Fear Of The Flesh


Cauldhame- The Wastelands Of Failure


Valerio Orlandini-Elettrosanto


Gå Vidare till Norrmalmstorg-Moderatfitta EP

Four more songs taken from the same session as the "Fultjack" collection.


Arphaxat - Ex Inferis

1. Altar of Sin 03:42
2. Impure 04:18
3. Heretic 04:47
4. The Pact 04:56


Bahimiron - Funeral Black

1. Thy Cursed Flame 03:34
2. Funeral Black 04:36
3. Blood From An Open Wound 04:51


Basilisk - Kyo Ja


Trancelike Void-Destroying Something Beautiful

1. Prelude: Descent
2. Part I: Everything Fails
3. Interlude I: Daydream
4. Part II: Fragile Consciousness
5. Interlude II: Nightmare
6. Part III: Total Desolation
7. Epilogue: Escape


Trancelike Void / Bosse-What Night Brings...

Trancelike Void:
1. Emptiness And Torturing Nights

2. Ghosts II


Trancelike Void-Unveiling The Silent Arms of Despair

1. Unveiling The Silent Arms of Despair I
2. Unveiling The Silent Arms of Despair II


kilte- I

1. Als Het Licht Verdwijnt
2. Het Virus Van De Mensheid
3. Dood
4. Kilte
5. Haar Laatste Traan
6. Eindeloos Verval



1. The True Beauty of Our Absence
2. Haar Laatste Traan
3. Eindeloos Verval


Hexeschänder-Anneliese ep

Hexeschänder offers three more transcendental Death Ambient tracks inspired by the rare possession case of German native Annelise Michel.


Hexeschänder- Hexeschänder

A transcendental journey into the darkest corners of our subconcious, Hexeschänder offers up a slow descent into the cold depths of Hell.



1. Riruop
2. Ecnassian
3. Ridnarg
4. Erviv
5. Rillieiv
6. Riruom
7. Noitpecnoc + Namuhitna


Black Flame - Welcome

1. Declaration of the Black Order ( INTRO )

2. Essence of war

3. The Priest , The Whore & The Fucking Sabbath


Damaar - Triumph, Through Spears of Sacrilege

1. ÝÓÞ 01:16
2. Preaching for Mass Suicide 05:11
3. The Goatphoenix 05:42
4. Desecration (Blasphemy Cover) 02:15
5. Ode to Blasphemy (Onward to the Gates of Mekka) 05:15

Raw BM from Lebanon.


Black Jehovah - Terror Cult


Blood Storm - Death by the Stormwizard

1. Vision Of The Soothsayer 03:13
2. Yuggothian Slayers 06:40
3. Expulsion of Wrath 06:37
4. Volkruun Ihuul Zhahruus 05:30
5. Serpent of The Icecross 07:10
6. Crypts of Sorcery 05:52
7. Clavicula Salomonis (of The Lightless Fire) 06:06


Jotunheim - Grim Hordes of Ravens

01. Intro
02. Ritualized, Goatized, Satanized
03. Possessed Knowledge Of Great Desecrator
04. Disaster And Final Destruction Over Abominate Land
05. Ravenstorm Above Cursed Realm
06. Godless Perversion Upon Majestic Demonthrone
07. Whisper Of Funeral Silent
08. Cold, Dark Wasteland Of Eternity
09. My Sword With Blood Covered...
10. Scroll Of Golem
11. Blasphemer
12. Outro (Instrumental)

Really good raw bm from Poland.


Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn - Lost In Cosmos

01-drowning in magellanic clouds
02-osorion's gargantuan sea
03-movements through the asteroid belt
04-music of the spheres
05-terrabyss_ the chambers of ganymede
06-cosmic tide of a black eclipse
07-to stryde monoceros' dark pendulum
08-visions from the caves of phobos

Dark Ambient from New Zealand.


Roto Visage-Where The Mandrakes Grow

Another album of skincrawling death ambient shrouded in mystery from Autumn Winds, Where The Mandrakes Grow appears to be the first actual cd from the Cali artist Jason Popejoy, who records his hellish ambient landscapes under the name Roto Visage. Prior to this, Roto Visage has cranked out a pretty sizeable catalog of releases both in the realm of digital-only Mp3 downloads that have circulated throughout the net, and small-edition CDR titles on labels like Beast Of Prey and Bone Structure. I haven't heard any of his earlier recordings yet, but Where The Mandrakes Grow shows this guy to be a skilled architect of deeply disturbing, often downright frightening death ambience. The disc comes in a posh six-panel digipack that has some really wild photo-collage artwork from Anastasia Sarandou that looks like a mix of Lynchian surrealism and Clive Barker's flesh-rending visions, and which sets the stage for the nightmare sonics that come pouring off of this album once it starts. There are eight tracks, most averaging around six minutes but with a few epics reaching twelve or more minutes in length, and each documents a descent into a stygian underworld of sound filled with massive cavernous rumblings, crushing distorted klaxon blasts that are so heavy they almost sound like metallic powerchords grinding in the distance, seriously creepy spoken word parts that are delivered either by a demonic raspy whisper or a slurred moan, as if the speaker is lost in a trance-state. There's a definite Lustmord feel to much of this, but Popejoy brings his own unique language of dread to the pieces, incorporating grinding industrial loops buried under miles of metallic shimmer, fragments of haunting orchestral melody, recordings of footsteps or something heavy echoing through endless corridors, washes of pitch-black cosmic synthesizer, and samples of someone frantically gasping for air, the latter appearing in a couple of spots and which ties in to the themes of auto-erotic asphyxiation that are part of the concept behind these recordings. It's an intensely unsettling album that nevertheless reveals moments of stunning sonic beauty from within the drifting black shadows and terrifying sound events that populate these soundscapes. Fans of the really dark ambient/industrial stuff like Yen Pox, Lustmord, R|A|A|N, the Aural hypnox school of ritualistic black drift, Megaptera and Inanna will love this. Mastered by ambient master Robert Rich, and limited to 1,000 copies.


Nashehrhum - Remember The Shining Moons Of The Black Autumns

1. I Might Die in an Eternal Stream 02:30
2. Remember the Shining Moons of the Black Autumns 06:40
3. Raum the Wind is Blowing from the North 02:58
4. The Black Ritual of Hearts Asportation 04:25
5. Suffocatio Animum (opera II) 04:46



1. Ortni
2. Edicius
3. Ecnarffuos
4. Edulretni
5. Trom
6. Noitcurtsed
7. Dlrow Eht Kcuf (Buried By Time And Dust - Mayhem cover)


enoid-Ad Nilem

1. Ad Nilem
2. Dlrow Eht Kcuff
3. Ostracisme
4. Ravage
5. Rilleiv
6. Trom


Leichenstätte - Schattenreich

1. Schattenreich 12:40


Xerxes & Nyctalllz - Artificial Hell


Anthrodium-A Very Special Invitation

An absolutely filthy religious parody, unrepentantly released on Easter Sunday 2011.
released 24 April 2011
Varick Wolve: All instruments, samples, programming, manipulations and mastering.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burning Winds - The Flame Of Lucifer

1. Lucifer's Vengeance 06:04
2. Mass Murder 02:28
3. Army of Satan 04:05
4. Make them Suffer 02:24
5. NichoDeth 03:03


Christ Inversion - Obey The Will Of Hell

1. Prudent To The Thrones Of God 06:05
2. Obey The Will Of Hell 02:21
3. Lucifer Rise 06:13
4. Enochian Tongues 05:29
5. Chimes Of Deafening Misery 03:57
6. Inflamed With Prayer-Godfall 07:14

Crowned In Semen - Demo 2004

01. Fallen Angel Of Sodomy 01:32
02. Tears Of Jahovah 02:10
03. Of Holy Sacrament And Semen 01:28


digitally Fuct - Brain Fucked ( Episode One ) video

Ethnic Acid - Blow Job (1987)


Archaicus-Beneath The Horizon

1. Escaping The Deterioration of This Earth
2. Over The Hills And Beneath The Horizon
3. Cold Winds of The Lamented Valley

Archaicus-The Elder Scape

1. Intro / Whillom, to Perpetual Ruin
2. Battaile Upon Limbus Patrium
3. Unto Longing Wanhope
4. Rites of Passage: Blood Empowered
5. In This Sign You Will Conquer...


Dark Opus & Darvulia - Split

Dark Opus (Fra)
1. Gleam of Darkness 03:10
2. Repulsion 03:57
3. Those Lives 04:13
4. Outro: Gleam of Darkness Part II 01:37
5. La gardienne du sang des servantes 04:24
6. Pacta Conventa Daemononiorum 04:29
7. Ainsi soit-il 03:17