Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skullflower - Vile Veil

Ghäst/ Yoga - Split

A Horse Called War - Stumble At Every Hurdle ep

Daniel Price - " The Slaughterhouse "

Xa-Mul - " Untitled "

aitzol basaldua . 96

Infra Sub Ultra

3-way split with 'The Sad Sun', 'Cold Aeon' and 'The Ethereal'.

Roberto Aramburu-Angels Fill Bells

"i was reading this book about noise and among the words i found "angels fill bells" together. Those 3 words stuck with me for a while and i already had recordings of noises in my house that eventually transformed into this piece. I guess if i had to put a meaning to this, it would be my soundtrack for my feelings of despair, of feeling like a caged animal locked in a world where nobody is allowed to do anything really.
Its funny in a way because i love staying indoors, i dont go out that much really because i avoid human contact by all means and here i am recording my house talking about feeling like a caged bird. In the end this is a noise piece and it shouldnt really mean anything but its funny how things came together. I had to put a title to this coincidence. I had to get rid of those 3 words."

kalle - de-constructions

La Última Frontera – The Last Border – La Dernière Frontiere – Die letzte Grenze – Uma última Fronteira


Schlam and Selbst-Morder - Split

1 01 Schlam - 0405
2 02 Selbst-Morder - The Storm
3 03 Selbst-Morder - Awaken
4 04 Selbst-Morder - Wound
5 05 Selbst-Morder - Comfort In Being Sad
6 06 Schlam - Oil Puddles (live 2006)
7 07 Schlam - Murder (live 2006)
8 08 Selbst-Morder - As Steam Rises From The Wound - I (Somber)
9 09 Selbst-Morder - As Steam Rises From The Wound - II (Patience)

Etna - Sunn O))) & Boris video

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nekrokaos IV video

gutural . tirocinio

Fescal - Endorphin

Mortem Obire - Submission

Artist: Mortem Obire
Album: Submission
Type: EP
Release Date: 2009
Format: MP3 (160 kbps)
Total playing time: approximately 22 minutes

Origin: United States of America
Genre(s): Experimental, Noise, Drone Metal, Death Doom Metal


1. Raising The Headstone -- 6:20
2. Conversations With Devils -- 15:37

Throudos - Frost to Hell

Dark Abyss-Dark Abyss Of Hate!

Trollmann av Ildtoppberg - The Forest of Doom

1 Trollmann av Ildtoppberg-The Forest of Doom-1-Descent from t
2 Trollmann av Ildtoppberg-The Forest of Doom-2-The dreamshado
3 Trollmann av Ildtoppberg-The Forest of Doom-3-Voyage Through
4 Trollmann av Ildtoppberg-The Forest of Doom-4-The Forest of
5 Trollmann av Ildtoppberg-The Forest of Doom-5-The Ancients
6 Trollmann av Ildtoppberg-The Forest of Doom-6-Voyage Through

C.L.S. - Stand

DARCY ODRAI - Fargemetrics 1

DARCY ODRAI - Fargemetrics 2

Original Sin - The Black Cloud upon the City video

The Illusion of Dawn - Darkness video

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Nadja - Desire in Uneasiness (2008)

N.STRAHL.N - " in absentia "

Beata Solitudo - " Chapter I "

Springtime Tragedy - " Transition "

Noise Nazi - Collector Of Concious 2009

Xerxes - " DIM "

Darkness And Silence, Deadhorsemort - Split

Ashlesha IX-The Moment

Black Void - Void of Death

Dictionnaire Infernal - Cold of the Night video

Carnem - Inside her Head, I found a Captcha video

YMIR - Tumults In The Absence

YMIR - Hrimthursar

NOCTURNAL SILENCE-Palace Of Eternal Desolation

Hear My Voice / Don't Hear My Voice - Sellenah Setho

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lusruta - Scenes from a Life Past

Khanate- Fields video

Turmoil-Manipulation Of Sound


- NO - " You Are Special "

Baculum - " Waste No Flesh "

Pestilence, Perdition, Plague, Pox / 3:15 AM - "Night Sickness"

Peresvet "Victim"

Dementium - World

De Hominis Dignitate-Sulle Rive Del Fiume Oltre La Siepe

De Hominis Dignitate-Luci D'Inverno

De HominisDignitate-A Way

De Hominis DignitateAu Vide D'Hiver

De Hominis Dignitate-A Forest Of Crimson Ashes

De Hominis Dignitate-A Cold Winter Sunday

Minson - Nile

Aghast - Ende video

Corrupted - El Mundo Frio video

Khanate - Under Rotting Sky video

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunwheel - Industry Of Death

Faustcoven - The Priest's Command

Circle Of Dead Children - Psalm of the grand destroyer

We Waited For A Subtle Dawn

"Tracks flow into one another, providing a sense of coherence throughout. This is like a soundtrack for your mind. Elements of dark ambient, neoclassical, and noise flow together." - Chain D.L.K.

1 01__Life_Toward_Twilight__A_Subtle_Dawn_64kb 03:36
2 02__Life_Toward_Twilight__In_A_Chalice_Shape_64kb 04:44
3 03__Life_Toward_Twilight__Time_She_Says._64kb 05:20
4 04__Life_Toward_Twilight__Time_She_Points_Again._64kb 02:51
5 05__Life_Toward_Twilight__Years_64kb 03:24
6 06__Life_Toward_Twilight__This_Peculiar_Phenomenon_64kb 05:02
7 07__Life_Toward_Twilight__Might_And_Wrath_64kb 03:10
8 08__Life_Toward_Twilight__...Nightmares_Away_From_The_Moon_64kb 02:23
9 09__Life_Toward_Twilight__With_Pins_And_Needles_64kb 04:35
10 10__Life_Toward_Twilight__Eclipse_Ii_64kb 07:32
11 11__Life_Toward_Twilight__Only_At_The_End_Do_Saints_Come_Marching_In_64kb 03:38
12 12__Life_Toward_Twilight__A_Tide_Confusion_64kb 04:14
13 13__Life_Toward_Twilight__Horbehutet_64kb 08:40
14 14__Life_Toward_Twilight__Reluctant_Memories_Of_Conquest_64kb 06:07
15 15__Life_Toward_Twilight__War_64kb

LETUM ~ Path of Loneliness video

Zhar - At the Mountains of Madness video

As the Ominous Sun Hovered Above the Proud Race video

Various Artists - Falésia 2

The second coming of Falésia, showcasing dark ambient and surrounding genres (drone, experimental electronics, doom/sludge, black ambient, industrial, spoken word) that is beeing produced in Portugal of 2008. Contributions by a paranoid android, a naked lunch ,Aires Ferreira, Ambience, Avoidant, Boiar, Bosque, Cancro, EYE8SOCCER, Hyaena Reich, Katabatic, Minson, Most People Have Been Trained To Be Bored, Necrostilet, Profan, ps, Terra Oca, Thermidor, VortexSoundTech, Wolfskin and Z.O.T.E..