Monday, August 22, 2011

Keyser Soze - Cenizas De Mi Historia

Bacchus - Bacchus (2011)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Narcotic Noise - 2008 - Sarcophagus Symphony


01 Sarcophagus [26:54]
02 Symphony [26:36]

Total time: 53:30

CRC Checksums:
01 Sarcophagus.mp3 - C9ACCBBC - 31 209 700 Bytes
02 Symphony.mp3 - C23A3585 - 31 700 370 Bytes

Label website:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dopamine - Dying Away in the Deep Fall

Invisible Slavery - 2011 - Milgram Experiments


01. The Man in the White Coat Told Me to Do It [9:24]
02. I Didn't Realize It Would Kill Him [13:00]
03. No Need to Think, Just Follow the Instructions [9:02]
04. It's Not My Responsibility, It's That Guy's [5:13]
05. I Don't Really Like This But I MUST Continue [5:24]
06. Trust Me, I am a Doctor [15:40]

Total Time: 57:45

In the early 60s, psychologist Stanley Milgram designed and conducted a series of experiments testing people's obedience to authority. The idea was to find out whether ordinary people would go against their own morals and administer ultimately lethal electric shocks to another participant, simply because a man presented to them as a "scientist" was telling them to do so.

Psychologists were asked to predict how many people would work their way up to administering a 450 volts electric shock. Their prediction was that hardly anyone would do it. These tests were repeated over a period of several decades, in various social environments, with people of different sex, age, race, education etc. In almost all of them, the results were roughly the same. Over 50% of the participants went all the way up to 450 volts.

What happens in a society where obedience to authority is so deeply programmed into people that it is stronger than their own morals and common sense?
You can see the results all around you.

If politicians declared a war and ordinary people simply had enough common sense to not show up, there would be no wars. It's not like the politicians would ever go to war themselves. They need slaves for that. You. And if you believe there is no slavery and you are free, this Invisible Slavery is working most efficiently.

Type "Milgram experiments" into any search engine or youtube to find out more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

simulacro: 1997. Escape de Abstractia ep

These pieces were constructed from improvizations with a common metronome pulse.

The parts are a reaction to an absent agent. The interaction and the conflict are product of the layering of two sonic layers. The interzone between two substances it's the beggining of comunication.


simulacro: construcción y ensamble, guitarras materiales, amplificadores y procesos., registrolatente @

Abril 2010 - Noviembre 2010, San Luis Potosí.

Imágen a partir de: X1, E-595. Cortesía NASA.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kerasphorus - Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn

1. The Abyssal Sanhedrin 05:30
2. Aesoth Paradigm 04:32
3. Disturb the Furthest Stars 03:38
4. Swarm Intelligentsia 04:45

Grube Und Pendel / November 13th - Split

abyssic hate - life is a pain in the neck

Det Hedenske Folk / Abyssic Hate

Det Hedenske Folk:
1. Northland Rules: Supreme...
2. True Northern
3. Reverse The Time To Old...

Abyssic Hate:
4. From An Unknown Plane...
5. Cleansing of An Ancient Race
6. Land of Impenetrable Darkness
7. Damned For Eternity
8. Tarrasque
9. Bloodletting

abyssic hate-eternal damnation

1. Eternal Damnation
2. Knight of The Living Dead
3. Human Despair
4. Attack!
5. The Blood War
6. The Victory Is Ours

Kristallnacht/Blessed In Sin/Signeur Voland

1. Introduction to Bloodcult
2. Legitimate Defence (The Law of Blood)

Blessed In Sin:
3. Himmelfahrtskommando

Seigneur Voland:
4. Consumatum Est
5. Quand Les Svastikas Etoilaient Le Ciel
6. Seigneur Voland

Blessed In Sin & Xaphan:
7. The Gate of Nanna (Beherit cover)

blessed in sin -Par Le Sang Du Christ (Opus Luciferi)

1. Ave Regina Coelorum
2. Veualiah
3. Under The Rules of The Golden Calf
4. Henochiel: Chapitre Dernier: Révélations
5. Par Le Sang du Christ
6. Mysteries
7. To The Horned King And The Great Mother
8. Istar-Same-Sarrat
9. Oraison Saturnienne
10. Aletheia: Ode Obscure à La Dame Noire (Part 2)

blessed in sin -honor the anus of mary

1. Honor The Anus of Mary
2. My Dark Subconscious (Morbid cover)
3. Goetia
4. The Enochian Key (Acheron cover)
5. Revenge By Magick (Barathrum cover)
6. Thunderbelial (Heretic cover)
7. The Hierophant