Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tangent Precipitate - The martian canals

Overdose Kunst - Incested by social machine

Teratism - Upon a Timeless Moon video

Azrath - Anthem of horror #3 (Trauma) video

Azrath - Anthem of horror #4 (Suicide) video

Nonima & theAudiologist-Ceremony After Amputation [Deluxe Edition]

"When we recorded the compositions for the 'Ceremony After Amputation' album we had a few tracks left over.
One of these was recently released ('We The Damaged') on the [S27-027] Sectioned compilation on Section 27 Netlabel,
so we felt it was time to finally polish these tracks up and get them out for people to hear and the result is the "Fragile Shards" mini LP.

"Fragile Shards" is not meant as a single release, but more as an accompaniment to the "Ceremony After Amputation" album,
so that is the intention for this Deluxe Edition. For you to hear the album as it was meant to be and all the ideas that were behind it.
The full 'Ceremony After Amputation' album has also been cleaned up sound-wise to the best we possibly could,
the only master copies were live recordings so there were never others.

Captain Syphilis & his Magic Hands - Multipanoptics video

Musica Ex Machina - Ode To Eternity video

KRANIVM -Endless Pain- video

ATRAX MORGUE - Ripped video

KRANIVM - The End Of Time video

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haark and perncious sovereign-Universal Black Meat

For this release, Haark and pernicious sovereign each contributed an original work, found here as Side A and Side B.

Sides C and D are each Haark's and pernicious sovereign's reworking of the other artists work.

Perhaps in a more clear form, Side D is pernicious sovereign's reworking of Haark's original Side A. And Side C is Haark's reworking of pernicious sovereign's original Side B.

Effectively a double seven inch record, Universal Black Meat is truly terrifying value.


Side A. We Bring It Upon Ourselves - Haark
Side B. A Side For Space Exploration ("For The Space Farers" and "Crucial Funding Shortfall") - pernicious sovereign
Side C. A Side Against ("A Spacecraft (Made of Flesh and Dirt)" and "Black Budget Black Hole") - Haark reworking pernicious sovereign's A Side For Space Exploration
Side D. he IS meat - pernicious sovereign rework of Haark's We Bring It Upon Ourselves

Haark -

pernicious sovereign -

The Forest of Gentle Pain - Sellenah Setho video

Wavespan - Constant Wavespan Remix

vetex germ-siddhartha video

Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Math-Ritual the First

Black Math is a collection of devices for divining the musical potential of sacred and diabolical geometries. Ritual the First is a live recording of a pentagram inscribed in the topology of a feedback network of FM radio transmitters. The vertices of the pentagram were manipulated spatially throughout the ritual. Ritual the First was conducted at DedSpace Gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, in November, 2009.

Samuel Bruce is an artist living in Western Sydney whose practice encompasses generative audiovisual abstraction, electronics, a catalogue of garage sale signs, and endurance karaoke.

Lucas Darklord-Night

Night is both for when you want the night, when it is night, for when you are night, or when you embrace or escape night, into sleep and other places. When accompanied by the appropriate ritual, can be used to summon night. To summon darkness. To twist worlds.

This tool can be used, abused or embraced. It is only through the highest functions of currency exchange, exchaged for services that underpin your physical being, such as it is, that true access to this work will become remotely possible.

Herbst9 - Nanab Ishtar - Exalted Light Of Heaven video

Letum meets darkness... video

Svartsinn - Livredd (Letum Mix) video

Svartsinn - Torchbearer, Kill The Light video

Svartsinn - Lost in Reveries video

Oöphoi - Corridors Of Time video

Lucas Darklord-Intercepted States

Intercepted States is the thirty sixth release on the futuristic virutal record label, Crypt Designers Guild.

Intercepted live television blunted converted into new and important material manipulation devices.

Plug directly into auditory systems.

Music for everyone.

MEGAPTERA - Sleep video

Megaptera - Don't Desecrate the Dead video


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Desohll- Bleak Emptiness Revealed

Desohll is Joomoonaz, based in the Netherlands. Musical inspiration is found in the sounds of Earth, Gaia. Sounds that are around us, but we choose to ignore for one reason or another. These sounds are monotonized by Desohll, yet keeping a strange and subtle variance.

This is Desohll's second release, but it constitutes the first-ever recordings he has made. Sound sources are the occurences in an empty hallway along with minute, deformed sine-wave tones.The soundscapes is only fully appreciated when using headphones.

Lucas Darklord-Sleep

Sleep is the fortieth release on the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild.

Lucas Darklord insists that this isn't an album or anything similar. Rather, it is a piece for not paying attention to.

It is background.

For darkness.

For you.

Black Math-Ritual the Second

Black Math - Ritual The Second, is the forty first release on the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild.

Black Math is a collection of devices for divining the musical potential of sacred and diabolical geometries. Black Math is an atheist and skeptic conducting ritual magic. Ritual the Second is a live recording of a pentagram inscribed in the topology of a feedback network of FM radio transmitters.

This ritual was conducted at the Difficult Music Festival at Sedition, Sydney.

Samuel Bruce is an artist living in Western Sydney whose practice encompasses generative audiovisual abstraction, electronics, a catalogue of garage sale signs, and endurance karaoke.

Lucas Darklord-Summoning 4 - Asteroid

The "Crypt Designers Guild - Summoning Series" is a series of downloadable Sonic Summoning Aides, each tailored to your specific needs, to assist in various Summoning Rituals, Practices, Rites and a number of other such things.

Summoning - Asteroid, is designed as a Sonic Facilitator to the summoning of Asteroids for both Destructive and Research purposes. Efforts to ensure that Asteroids are returned to their correct locations, so as to avoid perplexing astronomers.

Listen with minimal distraction, ideally in low light or darkness, and at an enveloping volume. Can be used with or without actual Summoning Rituals and similar.

Loop as needed.

"Dark Corporate Minimalist Summoning Aides"

The Ruins of Beverast - Soliloquy of the Stigmatised Sheperd video

Diamanda Galas - Wild Women with Steak Knives 2 video

Turmoil- Constant 19

Mörder Machine feat. Atrax Morgue - What's a Human? video

Æthenor - Untitled (3) video

JMMIII- Constant 20

The artist JMMIII presented to Treetrunk an excellent version of the "Constant" theme-- a nice, layered, dark drone.

"Constant" pieces are works of minimal drone that tend to use a "less is more" approach. The idea of these songs is to create the least possible ambient drone material necessary for listening. Mystified created the first "Constant" on Webbed Hand Records ( ). Several artists gave the theme their own spin at the TZP Drone Company ( ). Treetrunk Records has now begun exploring the "Constant" theme.


ANKH - ritual for dagon video

Thursday, September 23, 2010

simon whetham - a dark light - winter lights edition

Simon's work using field recordings began when he was invited to join a group of visual artists on a trip to Iceland in December 2005, with a view to producing a piece to accompany the work the visual artists would create.

He gathered the sounds of waterfalls, footsteps in snow, ice cracking, gangplanks of whaling ships creaking anything that would inspire composition. However, the recordings themselves were the perfect soundtrack, a sonic portrait of Iceland.

The finished pieces were released as a download album, entitled Dark Light Audio Tracks, by netlabel Filament Recordings, in June 2006 and has now been reissued by Earth Monkey along with a new reworking of the recordings, called A Dark Light - Winter Lights Edition

These recordings from Iceland have also been exhibited in galleries in Iceland, Southampton, Bristol and Manchester, and further work has been included in exhibitions in Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Simon's second composition, ascension_suspension, a sound piece composed using recordings of cablecars, was released in July 2006 by Entracte, to extremely positive reviews.

Simon's work has lead him to assist the sound artist Scanner in producing work for Night Flight, an outdoor performance piece in the hills of North Wales, soundtracking a short film by Phil Toy, performing a site specific work at the Collision Festival in Peckham and now to join a residential workshop in the Amazon region of Brazil run by Francisco Lopez, his participation funded by the Arts Council England.

There is much interest in the work that has resulted from the residency. The work has already been hosted as an installation at the Hat Factory in Luton and performed at Sprawl (London), Sightsonic Festival (York) and Unmeasured (Bristol), with future installations at the Eden Project and The Living Rainforest, and performances for The Rainforest Foundation and at Faster Than Sound, Futuresonic, Collision and Venn festivals.

Styggelse – Heir Today – God Tomorrow (2010)


dansete curtsey - the narrow road north

Dansette Curtsey makes music from the real world with the sounds that the real world makes and sounds it could never imagine

I have no ‘I’ but am an accumulation of others I am only ‘me’ accusative - I hear only what the world sings- see only what it reveals, know it is almost all hidden. and that is OK.

Korpblod – Norrön Megi (2010)

Nox Arcana ......Edgar Allan Poe 1809 /1849 video

Nargaroth – Geliebte Des Regens (2003)

CHASMA: "Brahma" video

e:Cue - Monday Morning video

Protists of Nebula "untitled song" 2010 video

Welter In Thy Blood - Casting Ashes To The Wind video

Life's illness - Through the wounds of melancholy video

Black Math-Ritual the Third

pernicious sovereign-Blue Death Edits

Blue Death Edits is the forty fifth (45th) release on the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild (CDGA045).

Whilst experimenting with beats and breaks in 2005, pernicious sovereign assembled this collection of works that explore singular themes around a singular theme.

pernicous sovereign expects revelry, ecstasy and singularity. And all as far away as possible. Any indication of proximity will result in undesired (sparing those with dehumanising conditions) functioned existence terminations.

Due to the desired function existence termination ownership gratitude that afflicts pernicious sovereign, no one has been permited to hear these works before now, save a select interior audience of creatures often viewed, by foolish and pathetic humans, as "godlike" or "spiritual" beings. Such humans are particularily viewed with disdain and loathing. They are such special creatures and always bring us such joy.

Additional life and non-life forms appearing on this project do not wish to be indentified, such is the negative glory evoked by pernicious sovereign.

pernicious sovereign would like to state that, "This one goes out to Quorthon, not only for his fine work in/as Bathory, but for having the strength of conviction to release his solo rock albums, Quorthon "Album", and Quorthon "Purity of Essence". Not even death could ever slow your influence and strength."

perncious sovereign also grumbled and mummbled other things about others. Apparently, such artists are well aware of whom they are. Their stink infects your televisions, radios and computers. They poison venues and infect the foolish with naive feelings of originality. These works are intended to bring death, Blue Death, to them all, and edit them from existence.

pernicious sovereign is under no illusions as to the actual outcomes and wishes all the best for their future of entertainment as decaying faeces.

Black Math-Ritual the Fifth

Black Math - Ritual the Fifth is the forty seventh release on the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild.

Black Math is a collection of devices for divining the musical potential of sacred and diabolical geometries. Black Math is an atheist and skeptic conducting ritual magic. Ritual the Fifth is a live recording of a pentagram inscribed in the topology of a feedback network of FM radio transmitters.

This Ritual was conducted for 'the Best of Electrofringe' at Campbelltown Arts Centre in July 2010.

runes order/die sonne satans -split tape

Raate - Halki Kuolleen Maan video

Pest-Rest in Morbid Darkness

pest-In Total Contempt

Pest - Blasphemy Is My Throne

Pest - Desecration

Pest - Commanding Armageddon video


vulture-gathering pandemia

vulture-demon warfare

Sunday, September 19, 2010

EugeneKha - Black Heath

Russian ambient artist and Renaissance Man Evgenij Kharitonov first released an album as EugeneKha on Earth Mantra back in March of 2009, with his super-cool electronic ambient space music release "Distant Space". It is with great pleasure that we welcome Evgenij back to our humble netlabel, this time with a powerful and dark ambient release entitled "Black Heath".

We use the term "Renaissance Man" deliberately. Not only is he an accomplished musician, with work spanning genres as diverse as ambient, IDM, techno, post-rock, and many other forms, he is also a poet, writer, and audiovisual artist. Despite the diversity of his work, or perhaps because of it, one of Evgenij's most astonishing attributes is that his every release is new, refreshing, and completely different from anything he has done before. It takes a true artist to be able to reinvent one's self over and over again, and to do it so consistently and over so many releases is just staggering.

This release is no exception. Unlike his previous work on Earth Mantra, with "Black Heath" Evgenij has created a truly ominous and foreboding collection of dark ambient pieces that are as equally scarey as they are beautiful. Truly, this is not music to be listening to in the dark on a cold, stormy night alone, unless one enjoys spine-tingling fear or the disturbing sensation that one is not alone in listening to the music.

For this is dark ambience in the truest sense of the phrase, replete with huge impenetrable walls of darkness, atonal and abstract textural soundscapes, and plenty of eerie surprises and things going bump in the night. The music is very active, not at all the mournful dirge that dark ambient often becomes, but instead almost the soundtrack to a particularly shocking horror movie. While listening, in our mind's eye we saw bonfires and torches, strange rituals performed amidst great stone edifices, and above all, storm clouds, some distant and some immediately above our heads. Truly startling stuff.

But despite the darkness, there is tremendous and compelling beauty to savor in this album as well, though it is often a powerful, commanding sort of beauty. The compositions themselves are to us the highest point of the release; Evgenij has done a remarkable job of taking simple motifs and building upon them until huge epic structures are created. One always has the sense that the music is intentionally designed and composed rather than happening as some kind of creative accident, which in the dark ambient world is rare indeed. Very nicely done.

Combs Creek Haller - Singularity

Muhmood & Ego Ex Nihil - Admetos video

Muhmood and Ego Ex Nihil-Fictive planets

(001101100 - Nihil.exe) video

Atrium Carceri - Impaled Butterfly video

Light - When The Flood Waters Came Rushing In video

Elhaz - Die Lunae video

Earth Mantra - Unreleases

From time to time, an Earth Mantra artist will come to us wanting to make a particular track or set of tracks public, but without having to put together an entire album around the concept. For example, they might create a few tracks they really like in a certain direction but then discover they don't have enough ideas in that direction to make a full release.

Given that Earth Mantra has always insisted on releasing full-length albums, "LP's" in the old terminology, we had no way for our artists to make tracks like these available through the Earth Mantra channel.

Thus was born the Earth Mantra Unreleases, a collection of tracks by a variety of artists that aren't available on any particular album, but are nonetheless beautiful music that fits the Earth Mantra format and quality standards. Our intention is for this collection to grow organically over time, as artists come to us with material that can't be released in another way.

Rahu - On Ketu's Trail video

Gnaw Their Tongues - Le Chant De La Mort video

Owen Davis - (No Escape) Untitled 02 video

Angantyr - Raukes Ran video

Idhafels - The Prophecy of the Seeress III video

North Black - Ненасытная Тварь мягких игрушек video

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cisfinitum - 0 vs 0

The first album, ever recorded by Cisfinitum, circa 1998 – a unique archival work from internationally renowned underground dark ambient composer from Russia. The collection of very dark ambient tunes with a distinct industrial aftertaste – lunatic, lo-fi, pure analogue sound.

Pegamoid - Syndrom Nesushestvuushego Givotnogo

[is]CORE - Gloomy Corridors

Guild : Requiem

Guild is the solo bass instrumental project of Mark Midgley who was the former bass player for Falconetti. Mark's debut ep includes two tracks, Requiem and Low Mass, both slow dark expanses of bass signals, processed looped layered and manipulated. This reflects minimal ambience drone in the vein of Fennesz, Stars of the Lid and Final.

Released 26th July 2010 and part of subscription pack 1 (sold out).

Photography by Mark Midgley.

Turdus Merudal - Actaea Spicata video

Sunday, September 12, 2010

nuoh - " Fale Koszmaru "

Amon Sul - War prophet video

Sombre Espoir - " Bouc et Mystere "

Monarque - Extinction video

Dotåbåtå - " Necropolis in Rotting Swamp Bog"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sigmund Stella Artois-Unstillbar

Zieltogend - " Vergeten Tijdperk "

Mortuus Sensus - Mystery of a Shaman Cult video

LusTmorD-HERESY part V video

Endura - Stelluris video

Beherit - Deep Night 23rd video

Erragal - Ki(our land) video

mortum - venerable satan mighty god vulnerable soul video

Striborg - Black Apparitional Void video

Planetaldol & Rohypnoise-Trevor's nightmares

live act between Planetaldol & Rohypnoise recorded at "meet the Feebles of sound" festival in january 2005, Paris.

Deep sounds, mad voices and distorted rythms, a good taste of evil.

Zuriaake & Yn Gizarm - Autumn of Sad Ode / Siming of Loulan (Split, 2005)

Wino - Punctuated Equilibrium (2009)

Avert - Declaration video

Robert Rich-Wheel Of Earth 1983 (Drones Album// Excerpt part 1.) video


Lustmord Primal 2009 video

Zuriaake - Afterimage of Autumn (2007)

Profanum - Profanum Aeternum - Eminence Of Satanic Imperial Art (1997)

Black Hate - Soledad video

LEVIATHAN - A Timeless Darkness (swe) video

Profanum - Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy (1996)

Profanum - Musaeum Esotericum (2001)