Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cachexy - Tacet Sed Loquitur

Cachexy is a Ukranian noise ambient project doing some nice dark scapes. Original version of Black Fear by Faust. Cover artwork by SunsetArt.

Infetu - Pulse

infetu returns with an ep of new material. 4 tracks described as a smooth droning wave of ambient noise blended with subtle vocalizations pulsing above and below the surface of comprehension.Pulsating experimental Drone.

Sparagmos - III

the release of the third album of the dark ambient / powernoise project Sparagmos from our friend and previous enoughrecords release artist André Coelho.

Thy Light - ...and I Finally Reach my End [complete version] video

Wedard / Nocturnal Depression [2009]

1. Helion - Beyond The Light - 07:39
2. Universe in Mirror - 07:58

Nocturnal Depression
3. When Darkness Cover My Soul - 19:56

Nocturnal Depression - Soundtrack For a Suicide - Opus II [2007]

Nocturnal Depression - Four Seasons to a Depression [2006]

Nocturnal Depression - Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past

Nocturnal Depression - Soundtrack For a Suicide [2005]

Nocturnal Depression - Near to The Stars [2004]

Nocturnal Depression - Near to The Stars [2004]

Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Thoughts [2004]

Hypothermia / Durthang - Lead Yourself to Failure [2005]

1. Lid - 09:45
2. Ur Ångest Född - 22:39

3. Chambers of Rape and Ruin - 04:23
4. Silence - 08:34

Total playing time: 45:11

Nyktalgia - Nyktalgia [2004]

1. Misere Nobis - 11:06
2. Lamento Larmoyant - 09:56
3. Cold Void - 07:33
4. Exitus Letalis - 11:51

Total playing time: 40:26

Kraft - Buried In A Shallow Life

Adishgash-And He Begat Spirits and Demons

Adishgash is Robert Thomas. He composes his mutant sound sculptures in Detroit, Mi.
This, his first web only album called ...And He Begat Demons is the result of a prolonged illness.
Adishgash can also be found at

Adishgash- 444

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Forgotten Tomb - Love's Burial Ground [2004]

Forgotten Tomb - Songs to Leave [2002]

Forgotten Tomb - Obscura Arcana Mortis [2000]

Defuntos - Nada é Eterno

Defuntos & Striborg - Florestas de Perpétua Solidão

Defuntos - Os Suplicios De Uma Triste Lembranca

Defuntos - A Negra Vastidão das Nossas Almas [2008]

Dead and Forgotten - The Tempest - demo - 2003

Adishgash- Sever

Suicidal Disciplines (BRA) & Faulen(GER) Délivrance Suicide Split 2010

Darkspace-Dark 1.2 video

S.O.M.C - Another Tragic End video

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dizzonanz Domestic - Karma Burn

Karma Burn is an album very much inspired by Drone acts such as Sunn O)))
and is also a series of experiments in the distortion of real instruments
such as the trombone heard in the first track. I have also put forth some
effort in minimalizing the layering of some tracks, such as Elizabeth's
Balloon, which is entirely made from a single sound recording of the squeeks
and groans that occur when you squeeze a balloon. It is the first album of
mine to feature vocals and the meanings of the few songs that have them
include commentary on the music industry (Radio Junkie), disgust at drug
abuse (From M^o^untains to M-o-le Hills), and tributes to the the artists
before me who helped inspire me to make the music I make (I Have Seen the
Sunnrise: A Tribute).



02 Radio Junkie

Millions in the millisecond

Electro signal (thorazine)
All doped up on (dopamine)
The o so glorious mind-slave

Science in a water-main

Logic washed (and ocean marred)
Zombie riffs (on dead guitars)
The date-drugged radio-junkie

Maybe Theyíre Vexed by My Tired Vortex

Stood for something (now its dying)
No more tears (were not trying)
Slaves bound by mass opinion

Maybe Theyíre Vexed by My Tired Vortex

03 I Have Seen the Sunnrise

All is as to be expected
I have seen the sunnrise
I have seen the earth in the midst of violent thunder
The Heavens open forth upon me
And I now pay tribute to my betters
Drone on
Drone on

04 From M^o^untains to M-o-le Hills

Merry mountains on crumbling roots
Drink from the poison wells of the earth
and protest the accusations of the land about them

It is our right. It is our day.
Our day to shine out against the sky
and seek the glories of our peers through veins of molten rock

and we shall be as Gods
Enlightened to the woes of men
and pound the lands with furious vengeance
in glorious acts of ignorance


Nuit Close - La fontaine de sang & L' Enfer Musical

"La Fontaine de sang" (The Blood Fountain) is the name of a Baudelaire’s poetry, and the atmosphere of the track is bringing medieval musical soundscapes and neo-classical to receive the words of Baudelaire, Villon, Adalbert Von Chamisso, Goethe, Hölderlin and Wilhelm Hauff…
"L’Enfer Musical" (The Musical Hell), straightly inspired from the Jerome Bosch’s universe. We are into something organic, deep into the guts, something also cerebral in a very tortured and twisted climate.

"La Fontaine de sang"
1 - Nocturne du Voyageur & Sur la Mort_d'un Enfant
2 - Le chateau de Boncourt
3 - La Fontaine de Sang
4 - Nuee de Chauves-souris
5 - La Plenitude mystique

"L' Enfer Musical"
6 - Structure Infernale (ouverture)
7 - Yeux de braises
8 - Le Vaisseau Funebre
9 - Cellule Noire
10 - Structure Infernale (final)

The name «Nuit Close» (Closed Night) has been inspired by the work of Louis Calaferte, a deep and amazing writer. His universe is deep, thick and turned to the inside of the man as the atmosphere of a big forest could be, a dark and dwelling forest. Target of the deads, different levels of penetration, thinking bones, murder temple…

Le Hibou: guitare acoustique/électrique, e-bow, basse, prog.boîte à rythme, clavier et montage sur md.
Trident: Vocal, Flûte traversière, Instrument à vent midi.


Xerxes- Dim

Xerxes-Noctambulation Amongst Nebula - Single

Reality Collapsed-Static Thoughts

Nyctalllz-Esion I

Nyctalllz played fusion of some nihilistic sounds togheter...for more information you can go on this page:

Reality Collapsed-Feeling Secure in an Exploding Building

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Transient - The little # eats the big # EP

second EP release by u.s resident transient shows the musically variation skills the man has. Extremely beutiful soundscape ambients floating around like peace itself. Follows up the style from the lighted apartment comp. earlier released on miasmah. It feels like time stops when the air conditioning sound of cemetary sunset persists. This is for cooling down after heating in the sun throughout the day.

6138- Music For Young Sculptures

Xerxes & Nyctalllz-Artificial Hell Split EP

Krosot- Tak Bai EP

Friday, October 22, 2010

Norss - Verdoemd, Verlaten, Stervend

Norss - Verdoemd, Verlaten, Stervend (2008) ! Norss is a experimental dark drone project from The Netherlands. This release is very minimalistic and slow! 73 minutes excellent dark ambient/drone!

Blind Owl- For My Shadow...[Demo]

Blind Owl Was Founded By Arang On March 2008,After Few Days Dimmer(The Founder Of Xerxes,
Nahan & Nyctalllz)Joined The Band And Started To Compose Some Dark Ambient Music.
The Name Taken From The Darkest And Famous Book Of "Sadeq Hedayat",The Most Dejected
& Rejected Iranian Writer.After Two Months Blind Owl Done A Demo BY The Name "For My Shadow..."
By The Total 42 Minuets time.This Demo Includes 7 Tracks That Producted By Dimmer.
On Early April 2008 Arang Done The Vocal Parts And Dimmer Done The Mastering & Mixing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apoteg - Apoteg

Track Description:

01 Creation - couldn't have picked a better intro for a noise/ambient album. This track starts out gently, but that doesn't mean it's any less dark than the rest of the tracks. A faint, distant melody can be heard occasionally, and if you're one of the observing listeners you'll be pleasantly surprised a couple songs later on in the album.

02 Sangre - Sangre starts with some wicked sorta' gong incarnation, and after a short breakdown which was excellently placed - and to be very honest, caused a few shivers down my spine - the track picks up in a moderately fast paced beat. This track is not that heavy on the ears (except for maybe a bit later into the song) yet, but it sure as hell makes lots of promises of the not so distant, more heavy tracks. Sangre ends with a quiet ambient part, which later evolves into the forebode of a hurricane, whereafter calming down to introduce

03 Maelström - without a doubt one of the jewels upon this album. All tracks are great, honestly said. But this track really "jumps out" among 'em and is still my favorite of this entire album. It's not just the catchy intro tune, or the magnificent, unexpected transition from Sangre which makes me say that. It's the entire composition. This is one of Apoteg's first tracks. It's the second track he ever created after "6" (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm not going to tell you anything about this song's structure. Except for the ending, which I mentioned earlier.

04 Demi - starts off with a vicious harmonic and drags you into a grotesque world which surely promises obscurities to come which you've probably never seen or heard before in your life. Dragging you down ever deeper into the extravagant abyss of Apoteg, this track suddenly grinds you to a halt in a calmer section, to smash your brain only seconds later.

05 Necrobyte - is definetely one of the more noisier tracks on this album. Not much to say about this track other than it's utter noise combined with dark, droning beats. The sickly synths sound like something from what could mayhap be the soundtrack of a horror movie in the future. The "funeral metal" influences meantioned in the original description of this album is also noticable in this track. Slow, grinding, low guitar noises combined with dark chords take care of that part.

06 6 - no, this track is not named "66". It's "6". Not "six", but "6". I have no idea what meaning the title bears, other than perhaps emphasis the track number. This track starts off with sounds of the ocean. Although this ocean doesn't sound like your every-day ocean. It sounds like an ocean which probably holds vicious evil, much like Giygas himself. This track is more of one with grinding, droning beats rather than synths. Apoteg's early influences of Giygas can also be clearly heard on this track.

07 Spirals - is a track which I have not heard before, unlike the tracks stated above. A short track, this one, but that certainly does not mean it's any less in quality. A short, droning track which would make one feel very uneasy at night. The same applies for

08 Memory - this track quickly picks up the pace again as "Spirals" lets you go for a few short seconds, allowing you to catch your breath, which is thereafter malevolently taken away by another rather drony track. Some wicked, twisted, low piano - or that's what I think it is - guides the beat up to a climax, whereafter things slow down a little into an ambient part, which is later continued in

09 Nail - definetely explains the "funeral metal" influences. Sure, it has some droning beats and ravaging noise-jolts, but the main focus is ultimately the doomy atmosphere of this track. This is the only track which made me feel a bit uneasy and is also the one which awoke me from my "trace-like state". Also quite dissettling is the fact that I could swear I heard voice-like shapes, as if someone was talking in the vicious synths about a minute before the end.

10 The Remains - as the descripion of the album already stated, this track and the two proceeding after this one are "an indication of things to come". I have no idea why Apoteg didn't save these tracks for the next album. Even without these tracks the album is long enough and contains more than enough material to keep you listening to it for quite a while. I can see why Apoteg calls these tracks "unsuited" for this release, though. That doesn't mean they're bad. They're just something different. This track particularly. It scared the living guts out of me when I first heard it. I'm not going to say any more about it, you'll have to figure this one out by yourself. Well, just one little thing then. This track sounds as if it could induce nightmares if you would have it play in the background while you were asleep. I'm not going to try that out.

11 End - is definetely one of the more ambient tracks on this album. Although "not really part of this album", it does add a great deal to it. This track scared the outright shit out of me at one point not so very far into the song and continued to do so for nearly three minutes long. This track ends in ambience. Dark, semi-conscious, oppressing ambience.

12 Time - a rude awakening from the sleepy ambience-ish ending of "End". Mostly a noise track, this one, with lots of feedback and dissettling drones. Giygas' influence upon Apoteg's soul is also quite noticable in this track, working as a catalyst for the doomy drones and menacing noise. The ending quite pleasantly surprised me to hear two out-of-phase synths trying to overrule eachother, but barely not succeeding each time they tried. The resulting dissonance fits well with the entire track, being a good close-off for this album.

Invisible Waves-No Mind

Permixtio - Il Canto Dei Sepolcri video

Abrahaz - Necrophantasmagoria EP

Münn - II. In Defeat

Drained - Bloodstained Reflections

Suamanucaedere - To Forget video

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nyctalllz- Esion3 Nyctalus Noctula

Info: Esion 3: Nyctalus Noctula is Nyctalllz Third Album,Is About The Nihilations Of Dead Nights & The Weight Of Nothingness Noises.Nyctalus Noctula Was Recorded At "Dim Den Studio" By Dimmer,All Distortions,Effects And Music Are Done By Dimmer From July 2008 to September 2008...


I.M.M.U.R.E. - Nowhere To Remain EP

Monday, October 18, 2010

GAAD – Unholy

GAAD – Unholy (2008) GAAD is a strange experimental noise/ambient project from Harceg Novi, Montenegro – Former Yugoslavia. Unholy Include 14 harsh noise/experimental attacks!

Svartsinn ( from A Tribute to Zdzislaw Beksinski) video

Blasphemation - Blasphemation

Blasphemation – Blasphemation

1.I Made Her Watch
2.Concave Cranium
3.Prey For God
4.Vaginal Dissection
6.Constant Sin
7.Road Apple Turnovers
8.Crucifiction Not Crucifact
9.Organ Stew
10.Hymn De La Ghoul
11.The Shit Spews
12.Buckets Full of Babies


Released on

Torn Flesh Records

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GAAD - Cult

Noghroch-The Eternal Light (Demo)

The Eternal Light:
Lineup: Erfan Yousefi (all instruments)
Recorded in Rainmade Home Studio
Cover designed by Count Dracula