Friday, August 27, 2010

Ikuinen Kaamos - 2006 - The Forlorn

Sun of the Blind - Skullreader (2009)

Ghost Reflection - NKai

Ritual Dark ambient/Minimal Isolationism produced by IUnknown, from Saratov, Russia. Author´s comment: "I do not follow any particular magic/religion system or doctrine, although there can be found some links to Thelema or somewhat like. No drugs were used in creation, but you can use while listening to, if you want it very much ;)"

Retrovirus - Legion

V/A - The Habit Of Death

Mystified, Kriegsnot, Ouroboros, Splinter Vs. Stalin, Noctiluca and Darkshape. Unlike the previous V/A, this release represents only death industrial and dark ambient genres.

Saluki Regicide - Dematerialized

Xasthur- The Only Blood That Pours Is Yours video

Ikuinen Kaamos - 2008 - Closure EP

Acheronian Dirge - Sex Nex Quod Odium (2008)

Acheronian Dirge - Ritual of Denial (Demo 2006)

Förgjord & Musta Kappeli - Uskon Kuolema

Förgjord - Epätoivon Virta video

MUSTA SURMA - Hän On Pimeys video

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mord (US) - Imperium Magnum Infernalis (2006)

Midwinter - Enthrone in Blizzard (2006)

Akashic Crow's Nest - Rain 1

Nightbringer - Death and the Black Work (2008)

Akashic Crow's Nest - Skidbladni

Skidbladni is a second, shorter release by Akashic Crow's Nest. The concept here is dream logic, temporal dislocation, and auditory hallucination. The music is constructed entirely from the output of an image synthesizer (which turns pictures into sounds), with effects added, but no other instruments or samples.
Skidbladni. A ship made by the dwarfs, large enough to hold all the gods, but which could be folded together like a sheet of paper, and put into a purse when not required for use.
---Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

Saluki Regicide - Mirage Emigrants

Mirage Emigrants is the third collection by Saluki Regicide, and the sixth release overall. Saluki Regicide continues to surprise and delight listeners with strange visionary abstractions in sound. Dark, at times nostalgic, these compositions manage somehow to be simultaneously warm and alien.

This album has been described as "simple and often melodic, yet freaky beyond comprehension, like nothing I've heard before" and as "an enigmatic and nostalgic opus that suggests somehow that with the right combination of drugs, the logic of it all might emerge."

Soilent Green / Grief - 1995 - Split 10"


Heimdalls Wacht - Der Untergang der alten Welt (2006)

Shambling From The Corpse City - Yithian Prophecy

Forest of Fog - Abgründe (2006)

The Pale Gray Shores At The End of Time and Space video

Through The Pain- Time Heals Nothing

Nojda - Koall'vuajvat video

Horn - Naturkraft (2008)

The Meads of Asphodel - The Early Years (2009)

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Saldorian Spell (2009)

Vitsaus - Muisto pyhyyden löyhkästä

Hellveto - Kry (2009)

Hellveto - Od południa na północ... (2009)

Förgjord- Itseensä Kahlittu video

Orthodox- Gran Poder

Perisynti - Turmeltuneen Ihmisen Luonto video

Gaurithoth - Satanic Perverse Black Latex Metal (demo, 1998)

Witchmaster - Masochistic Devil Worship (2002)

Suffer - 2004 - When Darkness Falls

Village of Dead Roads - 2009 - Desolation Will Destroy You

Scroll - Carrion video

Lost Life - Wrecked Human Deathcult (2008)

Regnum - weil alles einst zerbrechen muss amrc

Nae'blis- ...And I Shall Exist No More video

Vrolok - Resurgence II: Where the Dying Meet the Dead (2004)

Vrolok - Soul Amputation (2005)

Trist - Schlaflos

Ah Cama Sotz - Domination (Facination) video

Totalt Jävla Mörker - Söndra och Härska (2009)

Barghest - Demo 2009

Thou - Peasant (2008)

Thou - The Retaliation Of The Immutable Force Of Nature (2008)

monarch -die tonight

thou - to carry a stone

Les Discrets-Septembre et ses dernières Pensées (2010)

negru voda - under the ice (fragment 1) video

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Darkness And Silence - Aut Vincere Aut Mori

Darkness And Silence - Victory in Europe

Grim symphony of destruction, sounds heralding falling dust and ash from ruins. Dry ground and the reminisce of recent annihilation.
Great dark-ambient sounds mixed with industrial themes referring in their expression to "totalitarian" influences reminding for example Toroidh. It's not a music which brings relief. It's not a music. It's a silent whisper of the beginning of the end.

Djinnestan - Hasenpfeffer

A follow-up to "Ghosties" (wh029), this is another collection of odd textural works, blending drones and other samples into opulent and ruined atmospheres. Liminal sounds give rise to mystic voices.

Djinnestan's art consists of heavily processed acoustic, electronic, and sampled sounds, woven into rich sonic textures. It evolved out of several of my earlier recording projects (Saluki Regicide, Tree Helicopter, Akashic Crow's Nest), and has in many ways superceded them.

spoonPhase - Nightmare

"Nightmare" is a 76-minute dark ambient composition by spoonPhase. Carried along by ectoplasmic bass through a place vast and unlit, you perceive great presences in the distance, huge things passing, while hovering nearby are strange small creatures which occasionally mumble and titter in your ear.

GOATMOON - Rite Of God Deny video

Sunday, August 22, 2010

nata - stormy weather

recorded while watching a particularly vicious storm lash the coastline, literally destroying everything in its wake, then slowly going out to sea. this is how it felt to be there, the air thick with electricity and a sinister atmosphere of profound unease...

nata-The Phantom Forest (directors cut)

sewer goddess @ fleshtival video

vinterriket -forstestruebe video

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Land Of Nightmares- Madness video

Axis Mundi Actum - Prophetia video

Tribe of Astronauts - Rain 3

Tribe of Astronauts' Rain 3 is a symphony in drone, recorded on a very windy day. The listener is transported in a place of wide and profound resonance.

Rain is a series of conceptual CDs produced under the auspices of Webbed Hand Records. Each Rain is a CD-length ambient recording ideal for listening to while relaxing, working, or socializing. Typically the recordings in this series are minimalistic soundscapes, with motifs played out cyclically and repetitively, rather than progressively, in order to induce relaxed states.

The inscrutable Tribe of Astronauts is a collective of varying number. Little can be known about the Tribe of Astronauts because they hide behind digital masks.

About this album:
Recorded & mixed by Tribe of Astronauts
Somewhere on Earth, Dec 2007
Length: 00:52:05

Mystified - Through Sleep and Beyond

After a hiatus of some time Mystified returns to Webbed Hand with a new album of musique concrete soundscapes with soothing drones and subtle exotic motifs.

Mystified has released many works previously on this label, as well as many netlabels and commercial venues. His prolific discography can be viewed at his website, which is also home to the netlabel Treetrunk Records.

01 Peg Down
02 From the Gut
03 Gray Cloud
04 True History
05 Even at Rest
06 Darker Cloud
07 Heaving
08 Cosmic Event
09 Into the Ocean