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Svarte Greiner -knive

Hailing from the damp, blood-caked shores of Norway we always had an inkling that Erik K. Skodvin (better known as one half of Deaf Center) would be beckoned toward the dark side. As we all know, Norway is the most evil country in the north of Europe; they invented black metal and have a liberal government that actually works – there’s got to be something wrong. It was only a matter of time then before Skodvin felt the call of his pagan ancestors and smelted ‘Knive’, a dusty anthology of surreal and doom laden paeans to the ancient ones.

The troubled artist was set on his ashen path after a fated trip into the winding forests of rural Norway, during which he was shaken into exploring the darkest caverns of his mind to explain the bizarre forces that were making themselves known to him. He was spoken to by spiritual entities only rarely seen and set on a path of experimentation with the new influences flooding into his brain. Instead of revelling in pain and suffering though, Skodvin looked to the skewed world of the Dadaists feeling that their bug-eyed outlook would meld perfectly with his odes to the inky lords of Norwegian caliginosity, and the result is nine tracks of menacing abstraction and surreal, nauseating horror.

The album opens with ‘The Boat was my Friend’; a distorted guitar drone rings out into the atmosphere as crows bellow overhead and before you realise it a cello fades up in accompaniment and a shadowy female voice utters strange wordless chants. This is our serenade into a monochrome world where every floorboard creaks, where the sun never rises and the moon is forever full, willing evil to seep from the minds of the terminally unhinged. Before long we hear the sound of a saw ripping through that which we would prefer not to imagine on ‘Easy on the Bones’ and a gruesome character is revealed – the shocking visual aspect which so many attempt and fail dismally. When we finally reach the end, the appropriately titled ‘Final Sleep’, we are treated to the album’s most memorable moment – an operatic vocal which soars atop Angelo Badalamenti influenced organs, seeping into your veins as it winds the album to a close.

Skodvin has constructed a delirious collection of disorientating surrealism, an audio movie, re-enacting the most sadistic and most bone-chilling moments from your preferred tales of horror. Make sure all sharp implements are locked away and listen at your peril!

Svarte Greiner - Knive by _type

Haava - Jäähyväiset Kuolleelle Kivelle video

Ersha - Unseen Life video

IHVHLXXII - Shemhamphorash (2000)

1 Coeytus (5:19)
2 Sodom (3:45)
3 Shivering Spine (4:42)
4 My Hearse (3:33)
5 Sarcophagus (3:47)
6 Nyx (4:19)
7 Requiem (3:45)
8 Eurdiee (3:45)

dark ambient/ritual from china

Backyard Ghost – The Lady Or The Tiger

01. Carpathia (6:39)
02. In Hell (4:07)
03. Salt and Water (7:03)
04. Misty Grave Serenade (5:31)
05. 1979 (10:40)
06. Burnt Offerings (6:02)
07. Capgras Delusion (9:05)
08. An Autumnal Immanence (6:13)

i AM esper&Anonymus-Slow Death pt.1 video

Flores Funebres – A moment before nothingness

1. Fear of Death (2:31)
2. Depressive Personality Disorder (1:27)
3. A Moment Before Nothingness (3:10)
4. Cosmic Endless Void (5:03)
5. Impressio (0:59)
6. Demones Melancholici (1:20)
7. Satan Est Spiritus Tristiae (2:02)
8. Actum De Me Est (improvisatio) (2:00)
9. Forget-me-not (2:07)
10. We All Must Die (6:11)
11. Strabilis Melancholia (4:27)
12. Desideratum Nihil (3:48)
13. So Different (1:15)
14. La Valse (1:47)
15. Sans Toi (0:47)

Forgotten Backyard – de poussière rouge EP

01. de poussière rouge (5:59)
02. l’aube (13:06)
03. soleil de minuit (9:46)
04. l’aube (video version) (7:51)

Forgotten Backyard – Cerulean Wasteland

01. Tower In Desert Wasteland (10:12)
02. On The Dark Cerulean Sky (11:12)
03. Black Blood And Oil (9:27)
04. Stillness Of The Rocks (14:41)
05. Insignia Of The Fallen Gods (3:22)
06. Unknown Rain Ritual (7:40)
07. White Mirrors Behind The Dark Clouds (9:16)

Rikket - Riket Og Blod video

Forgotten Backyard - Black Blood And Oil video

Halgrath – Liquid Mind

01. Shamaan’s Prarie (5:25)
02. Irae Seithoria (10:37)
03. Euphoria (3:38)
04. Her Winter of Loneliness (7:14)
05 Deep Underwater Darkest Tale (6:22)
06. Spiral Path (12:36)
07. Metal Scream (5:14)
08. Whisper of the Mental Hypnosis (4:07)
09. Dark Liquid Mind (5:44)
10. Palace of the Lustful Lord (5:40)

Utopia - The Last Sigh video

Utopia - Life Without Destination video

IHVHLXXII - Dtxenioutha (2003)

1 Prologue - Selva Oscura (3:00)
2 Abyss Of Sorrow (6:33)
3 Souls Procession (4:48)
4 Straying In The Brumal Abyss (4:42)
5 Hallucination (4:31)
6 Dirge From Solitude (4:59)
7 Haruspex (4:32)
8 Phlegethon (5:38)
9 Epilogue - Stelle (5:26)

Equimanthorn - Second Sephira Cella (2004)

1.Entrance To The Ancient Flame (Precursory Procedure In The Name Of OUMQ)
2.To Enter The Tower Of Shadows (Trapped In The Witch's Spell)
3.Rule of Utukagaba (Ruling of the Scarlet Light Established at the Gates of the Waters)
4.Refulgent Splendour (7 Conquerors And Their Multitude Part II)
5.Sephira Tephirot (Natura Non Facit Saltum)
6.Mists Over Masshu (The Moisture of Mercury Rises)
7.Sixth Throne of Asaru (The Eyes of Two Daughters Meet)
8.Fashioning The Winds Of 7 (Sar Dannu Ina Mati Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part I)
9.He Who Makes The Name Of Masshu Abundant (Sar Dannu Ina Mati Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part II)
10.Where the Watchers Mourn (�and Dance)
11.Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (The Enthroned Ninnkigal Gazes Benignly Upon The Viewer From A Fragment Of Contentment, By Means Of A Craft Inscribed To Our Queen Ereshkigal)
12.Reflections Of The Last Rays Of The Moon (Erichtho's Aggrandizement)

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Winternacht - Tears of Ice video

Alchemist - Joka vuotaa Verta video

Nightless - Hymns Of Desolation video

Archon Satani - Beyond All Thee Sickness (1992)

A1 Heavenly Inoculation (12:30)
A2 Beyond All Thee Sickness (11:00)
B1 Reigned Ov Flesh (6:38)
B2 Incubus (14:00)

Archon Satani - Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken (2002)


1-01Heavenly Inoculation (6:36)
1-02Beyond All Thee Sickness (13:47)
1-03Reigned Ov Flesh (12:22)
1-04Incubus (10:52)
1-05Voices Of Insanity (3:45)
1-06Grief...Taste Of Death (3:37)
1-07Eternal Suffering This Christian World (5:13)


2-01Session I Untitled (4:36)
2-02Session II Untitled (6:01)
2-03Session III Untitled (8:14)
2-04Session IV Untitled (4:30)
2-05Session V Exceeding Insalubrity (4:49)
2-06Session VI Untitled (7:50)
2-07Session VII Untitled (6:20)
2-08Session VIII Heavenly Inoculation Part II (7:51)
2-09Session IX & X Untitled (4:29)

Nether - The Wholeness Of Nothingness (2003)

Necropolis - Mental-Espiritual (1998)

Oskoreien - Oskoreien

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Songs from a tomb - Under the sky

Wilders - The Remake by A.S. Swanski

MISANTHROFEEL- From: Emptiness Within (2011)/Nightmares

Sjelløs - Gestalt der Nacht video

Nasienie-Machine Howl

Dweller on the Threshold - Self-Titled

Track list:

1. Will O' the Wasp (lasting five minutes and 41 seconds of the release). This is a melancholic and depressive introduction to the calamity that is ahead. This marks the hope for a peaceful passing, and at the same time reminiscing on all of the beautiful moments (both joyous and saddening) that one can experience in life. Moreover, in the end, it all is but a hope...

2. I - The Fleet of Shades (lasting nine minutes and 34 seconds of the release). A majestic and yet sinister revelation, it can be depressive. This marks having the sight of "the end" right before you, not the action but rather the very possible concept...I will not be too specific. In this stage, one would encounter a worldwide phenomenon of pernicious intent, while at the same time experiencing the feeling of wisdom in a downfallen style, fading out to the fading in of...

3. II - Eradication (lasting 12 minutes of the release). This is a hateful and vengeful smirk upon the human filth slowly becoming extinct. This marks the joy and dry humor one might get from and while watching the extinction of one's own vile species. Again, I will not tell anything too specific. "The end".

4. III - Harvest (lasting 12 minutes and 42 seconds of the release). Complete despondency, nothing but bleak visions of the barren future to come, and my own personal celebration to it. This marks "losing it", someone is howling insanely with a mind broken after witnessing and experiencing things no one person should have to, coming in all at once. Who or what is harvested? Well, that is the brokenness of it.

5. Erased (Closure) (lasting the last 12 minutes and 26 seconds of the release). The ending of this journey...or rather, just fading out of it. That barren place is in front of one, nothing left to howl about, nothing left to do travel aimlessly and rot away to the music of emptiness. What happened and why was the transition so quick? Who am I talking to? Do you hear a hint of hope in the winds of the deadlands around? Well, one might be a bit delusional after such an ordeal.

Rikket - The Mourning video

Lull- Stream Endless video

Various Artists - Noisematosis

Four bands joined powers to create this masterpiece of sound terrorism. 33 minutes of noise in many forms!

RUSSIAN WINTER - "Wonderland" (2011) video

VA - Black Industrial Grimoire: Arcani Vmbrarum Regni Si.Vm E.T A V Vm (2CD - 2009)

01 Drakh - Numerevil 5:00
02 Gnaw Their Tongues - Bleeding Like Dogs 5:28
03 Steel Hook Prostheses - The Invokation Of Merihim 6:08
04 Breath Of Chaos - Nothing Remains The Same 7:09
05 Melek-Tha - Haborym 7:23
06 Ordo Tyrannis - Choronzon Aria 6:05
07 Batcheeba - Lemegeton Placenta 3:30
08 Michael W. Ford - Invocation To Ahriman 4:22
09 Deadwood - 218 6:04
10 Grauen Pestanz - Voluptus A Letum 3:37
11 Utarm - Crushing Infinity 4:53
12 Telestherion with Wildness Perversion - Grimoire.XIII 10:26
13 Mz.412 - Cursed In The Name Of Enki 7:14

M.M.M.M.I. - Mysteria Latomorum [CDr]

01 I-XIII 33:33

Must download.

Forgotten Backyard - Cerulean Wasteland (2010)


01. Tower In Desert Wasteland (10:12)
02. On The Dark Cerulean Sky (11:12)
03. Black Blood And Oil (9:27)
04. Stillness Of The Rocks (14:41)
05. Insignia Of The Fallen Gods (3:22)
06. Unknown Rain Ritual (7:40)
07. White Mirrors Behind The Dark Clouds (9:16)

I.Corax - Kuilu (2004)

01 - Face Of The Sun
02 - Menhir
03 - Tephra
04 - Animus Desertis

I.Corax - The Cadaver Pulse II: Mothelix Liquescent (2003)

I.Corax - The Cadaver Pulse I: Sealed In A Radiant Larval Maelstrom (2003)

01 - IX
02 - X
03 - XI
04 - XII
05 - XIII
06 - XIV

I.Corax - From gOLDem Flesh To Silverb ONE (2003)

Psychonaut - Zos Vel Thanatos (1998)

Mytrip - Realm EP

Mytrip's "Realm" is an EP in which the project for the first time explores the dark ambient genre. No nice melodies, no relaxing percussion, only deep, depressive and cyclic atmospheres. The compositions are inspired by the post apocalyptic realms created by the words of AyanamisSlave.

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Espai de Treball Alternatiu-Missa electrica

good dark experimental sounds to be found here.

Terra Noir - Emperors Of Black Earth

Sanguinary Misanthropia - Existence Precedes Extinction

Thralldom - Beast Eye Opened to the Sky

Exile - Exile is Eternal

Ululate - We Are Going to Eat You!!!

1. Epic March 05:57
2. Lunch-Carrion 04:35
3. Sloughy Radio 04:53
4. Galaxy-Cracked Solitude 05:25
5. Human Beings Are Bull Shit, I Don't Want to Be with Them 04:54
6. Death Passes the World Like This 05:34
7. Lost Wisdom (Burzum cover) 04:36
8. Undead Avenger 02:16
9. Epilogue - the Beginning of a New Nightmare 08:20

Throne Of Ahaz - Nifelheim

Kald - Дальше, В Лесную Глубь

Kald - Моя Боль

Alienation Cold - Forest of the Dead

Narath - Totenspieler

Orenda - Back in the Grave

1. Kargan (Devastation) 07:26
2. The Shrine 06:58
3. Remembrance 06:43
4. A Deep Grave 07:20
5. Die Away 07:16
6. Obscurantism 09:22

Orenda - The Funeral

1. A Dead Colours 09:28
2. The Funeral 08:53
3. Revival 07:42
4. The Plague 07:38

Procer Veneficus - The Red Dream

1. Entrance 03:54
2. The Black Lodge 05:29
3. The Hollow 02:30
4. Black Bed 07:31
5. Red Trails Upward 06:41
6. Scarlet Blur 04:11
7. Cedars, Shadows 02:33
8. A Memory 03:37
9. Exit 04:41

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Atra – Death Coven

1. Introduction 01:13
2. Moonless Night 04:08
3. Death Coven 05:22
4. Seven Plagues by Seven Centuries 04:23
5. Empires of Melancholy 05:03
6. Interlude 02:18
7. Black Spells Written in Funeral Smoke 04:44
8. To Consult the Spheres of Death and Dying 04:56
9. Bloodred Horizons of Eternity 04:21
10. The Gate 02:53
Blackheart – All Instruments (of Drowning the Light)a side project, as if this guy doesnt already put out enough music already.

Misogi – Tofotukami Wemitamafe


Raped and Flayed By Ancient Winds - Yithian Prophecy video

Blackhouse-Golden Ghost 1990 video


Cezary Gapik (also know as CEZAR) was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1963. He started his musical activity in 1980 as an animator of punk rock bands. Soon enough he discovered new sounds which were brought by the punk rock rebellion. Cabaret Voltaire, Public Image Ltd. or other ânew waveâ bands had an enormous influence on the perception of music by Cezar. Plunging into the fundaments of musical avant-garde (Karlheinz Stockhausen, Morton Feldman, Luc Ferrari, La Monte Young), the appearance of new creative possibilities (computer) together with the works of artists like Mick Harris (Lull, Scorn), Illusion of Safety, etc. had definitively shaped the musical direction towards which Cezary Gapik follows. His musical creation is based on drones and micro-tonal sound planes interlaced with abstract "images" (field recordings) or computer-processed synthetic sounds (glitch). In his compositions one has the opportunity to feel the fascination of the artists like Luc Ferrari, Philip Glass, La Monte Young and the masters of isolationist ambient - Lull, Thomas Köner, Nocturnal Emissions. After individual experiments with dark electronic vibes in the mid-nineties Cezar met in 1998 Bartlomiej Kuzniak (bass, sax & electronics musician), with whom he created QG/GQ project. A little trace of this cooperation is a track âZ1â on "C9H13O3N" album released in limited, 200-pieces edition under the independent label Polycephal. The year 2000 brought another collaboration of Cezar with musicians like B. Kuzniak (mentioned above), Joe Giardullo (sax - New York's jazz avant-garde), Dawid Kosiarkiewicz (sax, prepared piano), Zbigniew Szmatloch (prepared guitar & electronics) and Andrzej Zaleski (drums) which evolved into a concert tour across Poland. The memorable concerts were performed in Warsaw (Centre of Modern Art in Ujazdowski Castle) and in Szczecin (Kana Theatre). Part of the Warsaw concert has been included on the Dokument. Program Strefa's compilation released in 2005. Cezar is very often invited for co-operation by grind-core and death-metal bands like YATTERING, for whom he composed drones which were used to fill the gaps between tracks on the album "Murder Concept" (2000). He can be called a "fulltime" intro & outro specialist for the band INFERNAL WAR which with his contribution released albums "Terrorfront" (2005) and "Redesecration" (2007). Cezar has also an episode with computer gaming IT Industry on his account where he composed an ambient soundtrack for the PC game "Painkiller" released in 2004 and acclaimed by critics. Up to year 2006 Cezar has composed in his own self-created studio a large volume of sound material which he regularly released on CD-R discs in limited editions for his friends and fans. Originating from this collection - the album "Artefakt" (2000) has been highly valued and recognized by critics and finally re-released by a netlabel Torrentech in 2009. The years 2007 and 2008 can be considered as a pause in Cezar's creation while the year 2009 brought an increased artistâs activity. After the re-release of "Artefakt" and release by a Russian netlabel DNA Production of the retrospective compilation âThe Collection 1998-2006â Cezar brought to life his own label - C.G. Drone Records. The first âfruitâ of this project was a mini CDr (3) "The Limestone EP". At the same time Cezar tightened his cooperation with DNA Production which resulted in his new EP to be also available for download (mp3 & FLAC format) from this netlabel's catalogue. The year 2009 has also brought a new cooperative project - this time with German ambient musician Siegmar Fricke which concluded with an album CEZAR | PHARMAKUSTIK â âEnukleacjaâ. The album could be described as a cool, isolationist and dark-ambient creation. The year 2010 opened with the release in January by French netlabels Le Colibri Necrophile, Earsheltering and M.i.r.e.n.a. of the compilation "Nektar 2017 Volume 2". Cezar contributed to this production with the track "0421". In February C.G. Drone Records released "Zaduszki (All Saints Day) EP" which is a re-edition of the tracks previously composed in the years 1998 and 1999 under the same title.

What concerns the future - "there is still a lot of unrest in my soul which I desire to transform into sound" - says Cezary Gapik.

Read more:



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Jürgen Reble & Thomas Köner: Materia Obscura, Sonic Acts 2010, Amsterdam video

Sakura Noise - Red And Splattered

In "Red And Splattered" if you will hear a painfully rhythmic, sick and distorted mixture of power noise and industrial.

La Sieste de la 2 video

Jute Gyte - Clawhead video

Asimo + Fero Lux - Rotten Record vol 1 [2007]

Asimo and Fero Lux's 'Rotten Record Vol. 1' split. Harsh and rhytmic noise in eight tracks that will definitely blow your head and torture your speakers.

FELIS CATUS - Bohemien Bizarre

their release is one of my personal favorites thus far from 2011.

Simeon Dotkov - Before Dusk [2009]

This is the conceptual dark ambient/soundtrack album ‘Before Dusk’. In sixteen tracks we are slowly introduced to the world of Jenny. Creepy monologues, dusty pianos, slowly evolving soundscapes and satanic chants draw the fragile boundaries of the mental asylum she’s trapped in. We offer you over an hour long walk with her in the endless nightmare, a walk you’ll surely be taking over and over again, once you dare to drown yourself in this obsessive ambience of desolation, depression and tension. Now we are offering you the digital version of the album, soon a limited edition cd-r release will be published!