Friday, February 12, 2010

John Lithium - The Mysterious Stranger [CWR005] (November 3, 2008)

1 Enter : A Soul Of Corrupted Darkness
2 Encounter : No Easy Answers Or Choices 05:15
3 Observe : The Curse Of The Mundane 02:25
4 Banishment : Into The Wild 08:17
5 Disillusion : Mora Mesmerism 06:01
6 The Suffering : Internal Reality 09:27
7 The Transition : No Safe Harbor 04:56
8 The Arrival : Cast Adrift 07:24
9 The Method : How To Achieve A Lower Level Of Consciousness 19:56
10 The Realization : Satori : Glimpse Of Universal Connection 03:45
11 The End : Please, Do Not Leave Me

Darkened ambience which possesses a foreboding and brooding quality, "The Mysterious Stranger" is equally inspired by the ambient masters, personal experiences, emotional conditions, and the outside environment. To claim that this music is not 'cheerful' would be a vast understatement: these tracks form an internal monologue with the listener, projecting the ambience of a bleak and often senseless reality. However, despite the darkness inherent in these recordings, there is also an avoidance of nihilistic fatalism. This music is also about hope and courage: through somber recognition of one's surroundings and the possible chance to live a peaceful life.

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