Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roberto Aramburu-Angels Fill Bells

"i was reading this book about noise and among the words i found "angels fill bells" together. Those 3 words stuck with me for a while and i already had recordings of noises in my house that eventually transformed into this piece. I guess if i had to put a meaning to this, it would be my soundtrack for my feelings of despair, of feeling like a caged animal locked in a world where nobody is allowed to do anything really.
Its funny in a way because i love staying indoors, i dont go out that much really because i avoid human contact by all means and here i am recording my house talking about feeling like a caged bird. In the end this is a noise piece and it shouldnt really mean anything but its funny how things came together. I had to put a title to this coincidence. I had to get rid of those 3 words."

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