Thursday, December 30, 2010

Machinesaw / Norss - XIII

Originally, this was intended to be released on Norss Platen as CDR, but both artists felt that this music should be available to an audience as wide as possible. Hence this split net release. Machinesaw from Macedonia is a project consisting of complex raw music which tries to openly challenge the inability of the biological human mind to process any information. In other words, music for machines. Both band members have drawn their inspiration from other noise and metal musicians, Dadaist art, and of course science.

Dutch drone and dark ambient experimentalist Norss has taken on the mysterious God Pollutes track Ipse Venena Bibas and remixed it into something even more vile than the original number, which was released on the Svartgalgh Records 3-inch CDR Magick Rituals VI: The Diabolical Spirit. Why God Pollutes? Simple: because this is a project of Damien from Machinesaw.

”Complex, raw music, openly challenging the inability of the biological human mind. / Darker, droner: pollution polluted.”

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