Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dweller on the Threshold - Self-Titled

Track list:

1. Will O' the Wasp (lasting five minutes and 41 seconds of the release). This is a melancholic and depressive introduction to the calamity that is ahead. This marks the hope for a peaceful passing, and at the same time reminiscing on all of the beautiful moments (both joyous and saddening) that one can experience in life. Moreover, in the end, it all is but a hope...

2. I - The Fleet of Shades (lasting nine minutes and 34 seconds of the release). A majestic and yet sinister revelation, it can be depressive. This marks having the sight of "the end" right before you, not the action but rather the very possible concept...I will not be too specific. In this stage, one would encounter a worldwide phenomenon of pernicious intent, while at the same time experiencing the feeling of wisdom in a downfallen style, fading out to the fading in of...

3. II - Eradication (lasting 12 minutes of the release). This is a hateful and vengeful smirk upon the human filth slowly becoming extinct. This marks the joy and dry humor one might get from and while watching the extinction of one's own vile species. Again, I will not tell anything too specific. "The end".

4. III - Harvest (lasting 12 minutes and 42 seconds of the release). Complete despondency, nothing but bleak visions of the barren future to come, and my own personal celebration to it. This marks "losing it", someone is howling insanely with a mind broken after witnessing and experiencing things no one person should have to, coming in all at once. Who or what is harvested? Well, that is the brokenness of it.

5. Erased (Closure) (lasting the last 12 minutes and 26 seconds of the release). The ending of this journey...or rather, just fading out of it. That barren place is in front of one, nothing left to howl about, nothing left to do travel aimlessly and rot away to the music of emptiness. What happened and why was the transition so quick? Who am I talking to? Do you hear a hint of hope in the winds of the deadlands around? Well, one might be a bit delusional after such an ordeal.

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