Monday, October 25, 2010

Nuit Close - La fontaine de sang & L' Enfer Musical

"La Fontaine de sang" (The Blood Fountain) is the name of a Baudelaire’s poetry, and the atmosphere of the track is bringing medieval musical soundscapes and neo-classical to receive the words of Baudelaire, Villon, Adalbert Von Chamisso, Goethe, Hölderlin and Wilhelm Hauff…
"L’Enfer Musical" (The Musical Hell), straightly inspired from the Jerome Bosch’s universe. We are into something organic, deep into the guts, something also cerebral in a very tortured and twisted climate.

"La Fontaine de sang"
1 - Nocturne du Voyageur & Sur la Mort_d'un Enfant
2 - Le chateau de Boncourt
3 - La Fontaine de Sang
4 - Nuee de Chauves-souris
5 - La Plenitude mystique

"L' Enfer Musical"
6 - Structure Infernale (ouverture)
7 - Yeux de braises
8 - Le Vaisseau Funebre
9 - Cellule Noire
10 - Structure Infernale (final)

The name «Nuit Close» (Closed Night) has been inspired by the work of Louis Calaferte, a deep and amazing writer. His universe is deep, thick and turned to the inside of the man as the atmosphere of a big forest could be, a dark and dwelling forest. Target of the deads, different levels of penetration, thinking bones, murder temple…

Le Hibou: guitare acoustique/électrique, e-bow, basse, prog.boîte à rythme, clavier et montage sur md.
Trident: Vocal, Flûte traversière, Instrument à vent midi.


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