Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obozdur & LN 313 & 581С - 1/2 Asphix

Release title is a misspelt word "asphyxia" that means air insufficiency which attends central nervous system and blood circulation disorders.
This collaborative work have been started by Vitaly Maklakov who selected unreleased Obozdur tracks created in spring / summer 2008 and sent it to LN 313 via internet.
LN 313 has reworked Obozdur sound sources. He has added something new to it changing each track in his own way. When reworks were done, LN 313 has sent tracks back to Vitaly.
Under LN 313 influence Obozdur's impulsivity and anxiety have became a bit abstract. Sound has got sharpness and coldness, textures have lost its homogeneity but have put on depth.

581C part, "Evangelion" is a single long track inspired by anime series with same name.
It's dark and claustrophobic ambient that sounds like mystical noises in a forgotten space station.

Artwork by Vitaly Maklakov.

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