Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dauw - Bloedschrift

This is the 2009 full length debut of the Dutch ambient band Dauw.

This release includes the full "Bloedschrift" record, including a remastered version of the "Moordenaar" demo and the full 300 dpi artwork.

Artist's comments:

I've written and recorded this record between January and July of 2009. You can see this album as a loose concept album, because it depicts my mood at twelve separate moments in those months. None of the tracks has a title, because I want the tracks to tell the story, not the titles. That's also why I'm not going to tell anything else about the songs, just listen to them. As a bonus I remastered the “Moordenaar” Demo.

For the artwork I wanted some paintings that have something to with the themes of the record. For the front cover I used Pieter Bruegel the Elder's “The Misanthropist”, because I can really identify with this beautiful humanist painting. It shows an old man, sick of the way things go in the world, so he chooses to turn his back to it all. As a final stab in the back a young thief, surrounded by the sacred cross steals his money.

For the back cover I've chosen to use John Collier's “Lilith”, because, to me, she is the ultimate symbol of human nature. She was the first wife of Adam, but she was sent out of Eden by god, because she didn't obey God but let lust and free will guide her. That is why she's depicted with the snake.

The inside cover shows “Forest Fire” by R.A. Blakelock and the tray card shows Caspar David Friedrich's “The Tree Of Crows”. These two paintings show nature in a dark yet romantic way. The beautiful tree, inhabited by crows and a forest burnt down, with only the strongest trees surviving.

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