Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lucas Darklord-Summoning 4 - Asteroid

The "Crypt Designers Guild - Summoning Series" is a series of downloadable Sonic Summoning Aides, each tailored to your specific needs, to assist in various Summoning Rituals, Practices, Rites and a number of other such things.

Summoning - Asteroid, is designed as a Sonic Facilitator to the summoning of Asteroids for both Destructive and Research purposes. Efforts to ensure that Asteroids are returned to their correct locations, so as to avoid perplexing astronomers.

Listen with minimal distraction, ideally in low light or darkness, and at an enveloping volume. Can be used with or without actual Summoning Rituals and similar.

Loop as needed.

"Dark Corporate Minimalist Summoning Aides"

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