Sunday, September 19, 2010

Earth Mantra - Unreleases

From time to time, an Earth Mantra artist will come to us wanting to make a particular track or set of tracks public, but without having to put together an entire album around the concept. For example, they might create a few tracks they really like in a certain direction but then discover they don't have enough ideas in that direction to make a full release.

Given that Earth Mantra has always insisted on releasing full-length albums, "LP's" in the old terminology, we had no way for our artists to make tracks like these available through the Earth Mantra channel.

Thus was born the Earth Mantra Unreleases, a collection of tracks by a variety of artists that aren't available on any particular album, but are nonetheless beautiful music that fits the Earth Mantra format and quality standards. Our intention is for this collection to grow organically over time, as artists come to us with material that can't be released in another way.

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