Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haark and perncious sovereign-Universal Black Meat

For this release, Haark and pernicious sovereign each contributed an original work, found here as Side A and Side B.

Sides C and D are each Haark's and pernicious sovereign's reworking of the other artists work.

Perhaps in a more clear form, Side D is pernicious sovereign's reworking of Haark's original Side A. And Side C is Haark's reworking of pernicious sovereign's original Side B.

Effectively a double seven inch record, Universal Black Meat is truly terrifying value.


Side A. We Bring It Upon Ourselves - Haark
Side B. A Side For Space Exploration ("For The Space Farers" and "Crucial Funding Shortfall") - pernicious sovereign
Side C. A Side Against ("A Spacecraft (Made of Flesh and Dirt)" and "Black Budget Black Hole") - Haark reworking pernicious sovereign's A Side For Space Exploration
Side D. he IS meat - pernicious sovereign rework of Haark's We Bring It Upon Ourselves

Haark - http://interwebmegalink.net/

pernicious sovereign - http://corporatemanifestations.com/


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